We enable optimal conditions for a quality stay in the kindergarten.

We promote a healthy, safe and pleasant stay in the kindergarten by ventilating the facilities and by every-day outdoor physical activities.

We take care of the hygiene of the children and facilities and take measures to reduce the risks of disease.

Regular inspections of the facilities are also performed in cooperation with experts and other health organizations.

Practical tips on illnesses (SLO version)

During the children’s stay in the daycare, we carefully monitor any potential injuries that occur either within the daycare premises, on the playground, or during activities outside the daycare environment (walks, excursions, etc.). Injuries are appropriately attended to, and parents are informed about the incident.

Caring for a child’s health is our responsibility and the responsibility of parents. All children entering the daycare must undergo a health check with their personal doctor before enrollment. Parents are obligated to bring only healthy children to daycare. In the event that a child falls ill at the daycare (elevated body temperature, diarrhea, vomiting, rashes, etc.), we inform parents to take the child home for care. In the case of the occurrence of widespread infectious diseases, we follow the instructions of the ZZV-Ljubljana and IVZ. Medications are not administered in the daycare, except those vital for the child.

All employees undergo periodic medical examinations, and new employees undergo systematic check-ups before starting work. We also provide refresher programs on occupational safety for all employees.

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