in the Trnovo Kindergarten

Our kindergarten is a large pedagogical stage where each and everyone plays a role. We swap the roles independently as we pose ourselves research questions, develop our own hypotheses and strategies of functioning and participation. We do this in a unique way, making sure that everyone is seen, heard and respected all the time. Love is the thread of our creativity. Loving staff is the pivot of this kindergarten; heart to mind is our direction. In the process of learning, we embrace the child’s nature, spontaneous playfulness, reactions and creativity and we respond immediately. In this way, we encourage and develop the most natural forms of direct learning. Joy is our guide and curiosity is its companion, thus, we are not far from attaining the desired goal – happiness that brings a smile to the children’s faces and to the faces of the educators and parents.

Project Work with a Puppet

Project Work with a Puppet (PWP) is a spiral – procedural and gradually planned, practised and evaluated, then implemented in the curriculum of our kindergarten. It represents our unique approach and functioning of the entire kindergarten; it derives from the need of every child and adult to discover and find out new, obscure things using their proper characteristics, knowledge and competencies.

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Theatre Lab Trnovo

Following long-standing development research and an innovative approach, the Trnovo Kindergarten has managed to find the key to understanding children’s learning and development.

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