Dear parents!

Parents and educators are increasingly conscious of the importance of children’s wellbeing in the kindergarten. For this reason, we develop and maintain the forms and standards for qualitative collaboration.

Collaboration with parents

Our collaboration with parents is child-oriented. It comprises diverse, flexible and innovative approaches and focuses on the quality of mutual relationships, two-way communication and regular cooperation. We pay special attention to informal gatherings, which enable parents to be part of the educational process, to express their ideas and share their experience. Regular information flow and various ways of collaboration enables parents to feel safe and provides guidelines for our further work. The organized implementation of the parents’ interests is achieved through the Kindergarten Council and Council of Parents as defined by the National Law.

Extraordinary, fairy-tale-like, magical – just keep it that way!

“I am grateful to be part of this as a parent.”

“I’ll try to describe it with one word: OUTSTANDING! Thank you for your effort, time, energy and love.”

Ask the expert

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